Monstrous Tales

All 10 parts of the Monstrous Tales serial can be found in Monstrous Tales: The Complete Series. Find the complete Monstrous trilogy (Tales, Matchmaker, Revelations) on the Monstrous series page.

Ari is about to find out that not all monsters are created equal. And she’s going to love every minute of it.

Monstrous Tales is a 10 book serial focusing on a girl who has no problem getting frisky with monsters. As this is monster erotica, the sex is graphic and the monsters are plentiful. Please be warned.

The Wicked WoodsThe Wicked Woods
The Wicked WolfThe Wicked Wolf
The Wicked DragonThe Wicked Dragon
The Wicked MermanThe Wicked Merman
The Wicked NagaThe Wicked Naga
The Wicked MinotaurThe Wicked Minotaur
The Wicked GargoyleThe Wicked Gargoyle
The Wicked SasquatchThe Wicked Sasquatch
The Wicked LoversThe Wicked Lovers
The Wicked Ever AfterThe Wicked Ever After
Monstrous Tales Volume 1Monstrous Tales Volume 1
Monstrous Tales Volume 2Monstrous Tales Volume 2
Monstrous Tales Volume 3Monstrous Tales Volume 3

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Book 1 of Monstrous Tales was written as a fun writing exercise mid-November 2013. I needed a NaNo pick-me-up and monster erotica seemed like the way to do it.

I honestly meant The Wicked Woods to be a smutty one-off. Like Demon Restrained, however, I got hit by the plot train and suddenly had 10 books planned.

Ari’s supernatural shenanigans continue in Monstrous Matchmaker. Because if you have a gift for matching up supernaturals, you should use it, right?

Want more hunky, oversexed monsters? The Forgotten Monsters series and the Pinnacle Point series are set in the same world, but with no overlapping characters.

Bonus Series Shorts:

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