Monstrous Short – The Drive

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The Drive - A Monstrous Series Short featuring Liam and Ari // Series Short // Paranormal Romance //

The Drive
Liam and Ari


Arabella was Liam’s heart. Truly. He cherished her more than he ever thought he was capable of.

But there were times when the noises she made caused his ears to ring.

Right now, she was lustily singing along to the radio as she navigated the narrow road up to the cabin they’d be staying at for the next few days. He loved his mate. Fiercely. But Liam had to concede that her singing skills needed some work.

Setting his jaw, he waited until she finished the verse before clearing his throat.

Those beautiful blue eyes of hers darted to his in the mirror for half a second before focusing on the road. “You doing okay, babe?”

He disliked being in the van and the swaying motion set his stomach to roiling, but he was enduring it well enough. “Fine,” he bit out.

Another flash of those pretty eyes. “If you need me to pull over—”

Pulling over would only prolong his discomfort when they had to get back into the metal beast. “I’m fine, Arabella,” he said before she could suit actions to words. “I’d prefer to get there as soon as possible.”

He must have sounded worse than he thought, because Ari clicked off the radio and concentrated on driving instead of launching into another song. His ears were grateful.

When the van finally eased to a stop, Liam let out a hard breath and willed himself to stay still. He wanted to lunge for the door and fling it open so he could feel solid ground beneath his feet. But he also didn’t want to worry Ari.

She’d planned this getaway and he was determined to make sure they both enjoyed themselves.

The back door swung open and he sucked in a breath of pine-scented air. The moment his feet hit the ground, he began to feel better.

The torturous ride up here was worth it, he thought. When the end result had Ari plastering herself against his side, her hands stroking his slilthern, he could endure most anything.

Fingers sliding under the thin strap of her dress, Liam concentrated on the tangible things around him. The softness of Ari’s skin. The scent of trees and dirt that hung in the air. The sense of belonging he felt here among growing things.

“You okay, babe?”

Ari might not be able to carry a tune, but the sound of her voice was a balm to his ragged senses.

Yes. He was fine. They were at the cabin. They were safe from prying eyes.

His slilthern coiled around her waist, drawing her flush against his body. His darling’s eyes lit up and the impish sparkle he’d fallen in love with was another reminder that he would endure hell itself as long as Ari was beside him.

“Well some parts of you are definitely okay.”

It was true. He had never been able to conceal his body’s response to her presence. His tentacles reached for her. His cock stiffened.

It was the way of things.

Caging her with flesh and bone, Liam showed his beloved exactly how happy he was to be out of the van and alone with his beautiful mate.

Not surprisingly, Ari didn’t put a fight at all.

The End

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