Heart of Stone

When Cindy Malone mated to the grumpy gargoyle, Vane, she fully expected a Happily Ever After. While she certainly got that, she didn’t expect all the adventure they found on their first road trip.

Monsters on a road trip. Let’s do this!

Heart of Stone is an 8 part serialized novel that takes place in the Monstrous world. While this is a stand alone novel, characters from Monstrous appear periodically throughout and you’ll probably enjoy it more if you start with Ari’s story first. (Plus, Ari’s a crazy nymph who’s a lot of fun to read. So, you know, why not check her out?)

Heart of Stone is also book 1 in the Monstrous World spin-off series. Yep, there are more monstrous shenanigans planned with characters introduced in Monstrous. Just you wait!

Rock HardRock Hard
Grit and Bear ItGrit and Bear It
Rock and RoadRock and Road
Stone’s EndStone's End
Gravel BoundGravel Bound
Best Laid StonesBest Laid Stones
A Stone’s Throw AwayA Stone's Throw Away
A Rock and a Hard PlaceA Rock and a Hard Place

Want more hunky, oversexed monsters? The Forgotten Monsters series and the Pinnacle Point series are set in the same world, but with no overlapping characters.

Bonus Series Shorts:

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