Wicked Pride

When big cats play their mating games, all bets are off…

No ReservationsNo Reservations
Dangerous CurvesDangerous Curves
White CollaredWhite Collared
Laid BearLaid Bear


No Reservations was originally written around a writing prompt for an anthology that ultimately fell through.

While I knew I was going to write at least one other book in the series as soon as I’d finished book 1, I honestly (HONESTLY) thought it would be a two book series. MAX.

This series is not two books long.

Both No Reservations and Dangerous Curves were written at the end of 2015. White Collared and Laid Bear were written at the beginning of 2017. (Yeah, when I went back to reread the first two to ready them for the editor, my muse slapped me upside the head and informed me that this series wasn’t done. So I wrote more.)

The fact that these cats consider themselves part of a pride when they’re not all lions is addressed in book 3. (Hint: the first pride leader was a lion and he wanted them to be a pride. What the king wants, the king gets.)

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Bonus Series Shorts:


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