Monstrous Matchmaker

All 8 parts of the Monstrous Matchmaker serial can be found in Monstrous Matchmaker: The Complete Series. Find the complete Monstrous trilogy (Tales, Matchmaker, Revelations) on the Monstrous series page.

Monstrous Matchmaker follows the exploits of Ari and her monstrous friends as Ari works on getting her fledgling supernatural dating service up and running.

Operation WerewolfOperation Werewolf
Operation DragonOperation Dragon
Operation MermanOperation Merman
Operation NagaOperation Naga
Operation MinotaurOperation Minotaur
Operation GargoyleOperation Gargoyle
Operation SasquatchOperation Sasquatch
Operation Date NightOperation Date Night

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The books features monsters from the Monstrous Tales series in the order you meet them in that series. Werewolf, Dragon, Merman, etc.

While this is a continuation of the Monstrous Tales series, each of these books can be read as a standalone. (Although you’ll probably get more out of each character if you read Monstrous Tales first. Plus, Ari. Heh. Ari.) BONUS: There will be at least one more series after this one with planned release dates in 2018.

Want more hunky, oversexed monsters? The Forgotten Monsters series and the Pinnacle Point series are set in the same world, but with no overlapping characters.

Bonus Series Shorts:

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