What I’m Reading

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What I'm Reading

I spent the last week-ish on a reread of two different series. AND I’M LOVING THEM SO HARD.

Reread #1: Gemini by Hailey Edwards

Set in the Black Dog universe, Gemini follows Camille Ellis as she hunts down a supernatural serial killer who has a taste for little girls. Sounds terrible, right? It is. Mostly because every death has a meaning in the grand scheme of things. Plus, Cam is dealing with some serious survivor’s guilt from the childhood accident that killed her twin and is skating on the edge of a massive breakdown.

Oh, and she has a totally hunk-a-licious warg hanging around. The fact Graeson makes a mess of things between them when they first meet makes their eventual coming together even sweeter.

I’ve reread the first 3 books plus a couple of short stories already and I’m in love love love with this world all over again. Book 4 is queued up and it starts the second arc that ties up a WHOLE lot of loose ends and totally upends the fae/supernatural world.

*squealy noises*

Reread #3: Hidden Legacy by Ilona Andrews

HOLY.WOW. I love Nevada and Rogan so very, very much. Nevada is strong and determined and knows her own worth. What she doesn’t realize is the magical talent she’s been concealing is so much more than she ever thought it was. Meanwhile, Rogan’s the most dangerous man alive (I might be exaggerating a tiny bit on that) and Nevada’s willingness to go toe-to-toe with him shakes his world to its very foundation.

I SERIOUSLY adore these two. They’re snarky and snarly and HAWT together. The bad guys are appropriately awful and the good guys sometimes go off the rails.

There you have it. Two series, both urban fantasy, both FANTASTIC in different ways.

Looking Back on December (and 2017)

Looking Back on December (and 2017)

(and 2017) *ahem* So December flew by and I took the bulk of it off from both writing and other authorly things. Because, you know, sometimes you need to unwind. Despite having no new releases the last two months of the year, I feel like 2017 was pretty productive overall. I released two new series […]

In case you missed it…

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In case you missed it…

Between holiday family fun (OMG! SO MUCH FAMILY!) and the gross cold I caught during said family fun time, I managed to create a page for the collected Series Shorts. All things considered, that’s a pretty big accomplishment. I was GROSSLY sick. Anyway. If you’ve missed an installment, you can find it there. OR on […]