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I’ll freely admit that these Slice of Life stories have been fun to write. And, yeah, they’re unedited, so you might find some errors, but I’ve had a blast revisiting my characters and I don’t regret a thing.

Let’s close out the week with a peek into Ari’s head as she gears up for…I don’t know. Shopping. Some Black Friday shopping so she can grab a few things for her boo. Not that he needs anything, but Ari wants to shop and she’s going to shop, dammit!

never-say-never“Cin will be here in fifteen minutes. I’ve got to grab my coat and get ready.” Ari poked Liam in the ribs in an attempt to get him to move off her. Her big, green lug muttered something under his breath and rolled reluctantly to the side.

“I don’t understand this tradition of shopping the day after stuffing yourself full of food,” he said into his pillow.

There was something adorable about his disgruntled mumbling that made Ari grin. “It’s a human thing, honeybunches. It lets me save money on all the treasures I absolutely have to buy as gifts.”

“I don’t understand this Christmas holiday you speak of either. If I wish to give you a gift, I would not wait until a specific day to do so.” He turned his face enough to look at her out of the corner of his eye. “Do you have need of anything I should give to you?”

He asked so reluctantly that Ari full-on started laughing. As she climbed out of their enormous bed to get dressed, she shook her head. “I’m good, hon. You don’t need to get me a thing.”

That was the gods-honest truth. Liam’s love had been the greatest gift anyone had ever given and she absolutely wouldn’t be greedy and wish for anything else. Absolutely not.

Although if she happened to see one of those single serve coffee makers, she just might pick one up for herself. From Liam, of course, because it was bad form to buy yourselves gifts this time of year, wasn’t it?

Liam still looked slightly aggrieved, but he watched her dress with the gleam she’d become so familiar with in his eye. Putting a little extra wiggle into it, Ari shimmied into a pair of skinny jeans to give her love something to remember her by.

“When will you be back?”

“Cin and I might grab some breakfast out. We won’t be gone too long, though.”

“I’ll miss you no matter how quickly you get back.”

Lordy, she loved this monster. He was her beloved and she was going to buy something epic for him. She had no idea what, but she sure as shit was going to scour those damn stores until she found something quintessentially Liam.

He might be a green, tentacled monster to most, but he was the love of her life and she’d do anything for him.

Who said monsters were hard to shop for, anyway? Just because he kept to himself and usually made everything he needed with his own two hands, she could do this.

Never Say Never was Ari’s motto and she was going to shop by it today.

Planting a loud, wet kiss on her honey’s cheek, Ari skipped out the living room to wait for Cin.

She had some shopping to do.

Whelp, that does it for these Slice of Life stories. I’ve enjoyed writing them and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.

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