In the enchanted forest of Grimwood where curses run wild, the Grimm family has endured more than their fair share. With the magic faltering and becoming twisted, the Grimms must find the strength to combat the evil and make the forest whole again.

Grimwood is a 6 book series focusing on the Grimm family and featuring fairy tales that are more than a little twisted.

Cursed BloodCursed Blood
Cursed WolvesCursed Wolves
Cursed BonesCursed Bones
Cursed TouchCursed Touch
Cursed LivesCursed Lives
Cursed HeartCursed Heart


Each Grimwood book features a fairytale with the genders flipped on the classic story. Rapunzel became the silent giant Zel. The big bad wolf from Red Riding Hood is a twitchy woman named Lucy. The beast from Beauty and the Beast is a woman whose beauty has been cursed away until she’s become monstrous.

As shown by the titles, curses play a huge role in Grimwood. From Zel and his cursed blood to the cursed wolves that roam the night, they’re all related in some way.

All six books in the Grimwood saga were at least roughly plotted by the time I finished writing Cursed Blood.

One of the things I loved about writing this series, is that I get to have the ladies saving the men. While I loved the classics, I REALLY love showcasing how strong the different women in these fairytales are.

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