The Demonkind Chronicles

Demonkind. Stealer of lives and blood.

In a world where werewolves mix with humans and magic is commonplace, demons are feared and hated. A crazed Alpha with a taste for power does the unthinkable and summons a demon to do his bidding, setting into motion a series of events that will impact both the demon and the mortal planes.

Magic, passion, and bloodshed collide in these paranormal erotic tales.

Demon RestrainedDemon Restrained
Demon BesiegedDemon Besieged
Demon UnleashedDemon Unleashed


Demon Restrained was originally slated to be a 20K word smutfest with little plot. However, the characters refused to be silenced and the Bas and Evie Smutfest turned into the Bas and Evie Romance with Bonus Back Story.

The working title for Demon Restrained was “The Dirty Demon in the Basement.”

While Demon Restrained has a Happy For Now ending, Bas and Evie will get a Happily Ever After to call their own.

Demon Besieged focuses on Jazz and Arix, two new to the universe characters who we’ll see plenty of as the series continues.

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Bonus Series Shorts:


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