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Looking Back on January

Posted February 1, 2018 by Kelly Apple in Demonkind Chronicles, Grimwood, Snippets / 0 Comments

Looking Back on Janaury

Umm…What the heck, January? I barely got to know you and now you’re gone. (although, I know a few people who are THRILLED to be seeing January in the rear-view mirror, so maybe that’s just me.)

What did I do in this wintry month? That is an excellent question. *thinks* I wrote. Not a lot, but I certainly logged several hours of writing time in. Those zombies don’t kill themselves, you know!

I sent Cursed Lives off for edits (you’ll be seeing that soooooon. I can feel it!). I can’t wait for you guys to meet Fen. He’s grumpy and grouchy and he has no clue what to do with the sunny woman who shows up at his door. HA!

I did a lot of backend stuff on my website that you probably won’t notice on the surface, but it will make navigating a little easier. Or more fun. FUN AND EASIER. It’ll be a party.

The Series Shorts continue to go up every Tuesday. I’m having a BLAST getting to revisit old characters. so those are going to continue until I run out of ideas. January’s shorts focused on Evie and Bas from the Demonkind Chronicles and I ADORE those two. So hard. Bas is so snarly except with his broken little wolf.

And…that’s about it.

Watch for Fen’s book to be coming soon. Seriously soon. Like within the next week. HE’S COMING!

Demonkind Chronicles Short – Storm Warnings

Posted January 23, 2018 by Kelly Apple in Demonkind Chronicles, Snippets / 0 Comments
Demonkind Chronicles Short – Storm Warnings

Storm Warnings Demonkind Chronicles Evie and Bas   Exhaustion weighed Evie down and she blinked at the fire crackling in the fireplace, confused. Hadn’t Bas been carrying her upstairs earlier? This was the parlor, though. Which was clearly downstairs. And she was on the couch, her favorite blanket tucked around her. Sitting up, Evie tried […]