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Looking back on April…

Posted May 1, 2017 by Kelly Apple in Forgotten Monsters, Grimwood, Wicked Pride, Writing / 0 Comments

Another month gone by! Let’s see what I accomplished…

April saw the release of Echo (Forgotten Monsters #4) and Forgotten Monsters: The Lost and Found Collection, a bundle of the 4 books in the series. The bundle wasn’t planned (it sounds like I’m taking about a baby, LOL!), but since Echo got released early thanks to my excitement over finishing a series, I had some time on my hands to put together a cover and get the formatting done. So, bonus release for the year! YAY!

April was also a Camp NaNo month. My overall goal for the month was to complete Cursed Heart, the final book in the Grimwood series. Spoiler: I totally did that. Then, while formatting No Reservations (Wicked Pride #1) for preorder, my muse whacked me upside the head and demanded I write a 3rd book in that series. SO I DID. *buffs nails* And then I finished book 3 and started on the 4th. I’m feeling a little pleased with myself right now.

I’m still toying with release dates for the last half of the year. Regardless, you will see the last 2 Grimwood books plus books 3 & 4 in the Wicked Pride series sometime soon. I’m just not sure what order they’ll be released yet.

Here’s to a productive May!

Looking back on March

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Looking back on March

Whew! Another month has come and gone. Let’s see what got accomplished in the world of Kelly Apple. As February wound down, I was all set to devote March to writing the 6th Grimwood book. That, umm, didn’t happen. Thanks in large part to an unexpected foray into a sci-fi romance I was playing around […]

Covers, covers, and more covers part 2

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As part of my cover making extravaganza recently, I put the finishing touches on the last two covers for the Grimwood series. (and promplty realized how much I wasn’t in love with the cover for book 1. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?!?!) For the curious, the first draft of Cursed Lives (book 5) […]

Looking back on January…

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Looking back on January…

Yoooouuuuu guys. Where did January go? It felt both RIDICULOUSLY unending and like it blew by in the blink of an eye. As my little niece would say “NO LIKE!” Whatever, right? We made it through another month. More words. Another series started. It’s all good. Anyway. January saw the release of the first Forgotten […]

Cursed Touch is coming soon!

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Hello, everybody! After a whirlwind writing month in November, I’ve been taking it easy in December. Which isn’t to say I’m not writing, just not writing as much. Sometimes you need to slow down and recharge, amirite?!?! Just because I’m not scribbling fiendishly doesn’t mean I don’t have things happening. The fourth Grimwood book comes out […]

Looking back on November…

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Looking back on November…

November, man. November. I’m a little confused as to how we’ve reached the end of it already. I mean, wasn’t it just June or something? WHAT DID I DO IN NOVEMBER? you ask. Good question. I wrote. A lot. A lot lot. No releases this month, but I finished a series that will be coming […]

Looking back on September…

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Looking back on September…

Another month gone by and more words written. (Because I measure time by how many stories I get to tell, apparently.) September was interesting. I came down with the plague at the beginning of the month which seriously impacted my word count. It’s hard to focus on putting characters in sexy situations when you can […]