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Demon Besieged – Out now!

Posted September 23, 2014 by Kelly Apple in Demonkind Chronicles / 0 Comments

Yessssss! I had to fight through great hordes to bring this book to you, but IT IS FINALLY HERE! (actually, I just had to fight through my early attempts at writing it, but that other sentence sounds so much more DANGEROUS!) That’s right, my friends, Jazz and Arix have arrived. AT LONG LAST, you might […]


Today’s the day!

Posted September 4, 2013 by Kelly Apple in Demonkind Chronicles / 4 Comments

I hit publish on my first book today. As I keep telling people, it’s both an exciting and a terrifying moment. AND IT IS. One thing I haven’t done yet is officially reveal the cover or title. (If you’re savvy and/or you poked around the site a bit, you might have already seen this but […]