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A Sci-Fi Surprise

Posted February 16, 2018 by Kelly Apple in Writing / 2 Comments

A funny thing happened earlier this week. I was looking through my writing folder and I found the sci-fi trilogy I wrote early in 2017. So I started reading it. AND I TOTALLY REMEMBER WHY I STARTED WRITING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Guuuuys. I love sci-fi romance. LOVE IT. If you wave a sci-fi romance with a half-interesting premise under my nose, I WILL READ IT.

While there are a few sticky little things I need to smooth out in the books, overall, I’m very pleased with them. VERY. PLEASED. It has space ships and abandoned space stations and distant planets. ALL THINGS I ADORE. Part of me is dying to share it RIGHT NOW, but I refuse to tease you by publishing a new series until I get Grimwood finished.

(Psst, only one book to go with those wacky Grimms!)

I can, however, share a piece of it. A visual piece. My Omega Point Pinterest board gives a few hints on what you’ll find in the books. A few. For one, you now know the name of the series. Omega Point.


Next Steps…

Posted January 26, 2018 by Kelly Apple in Writing / 4 Comments
Next Steps…

I have a bunch of random things I want to talk about and absolutely NO idea how to organize these thoughts. I guess that means I’ll just dive on in! This week has been good. I’ve been writing (always nice), I’ve been planning (say what!?!), and my next release is in my editor’s hands as […]

Looking Back on December (and 2017)

Looking Back on December (and 2017)

(and 2017) *ahem* So December flew by and I took the bulk of it off from both writing and other authorly things. Because, you know, sometimes you need to unwind. Despite having no new releases the last two months of the year, I feel like 2017 was pretty productive overall. I released two new series […]

Planning for November

Posted October 20, 2017 by Kelly Apple in Writing / 0 Comments
Planning for November

November’s THAT month, man. The one where I get to write a whole lot with a bunch of like-minded other folks. Yep, it’s NaNoWriMo! As always (Ha. I say that, but always isn’t always the case. Although it is this time. OMG. WHAT? I need more coffee!), you can find me under Kelly Apple. If anyone […]