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Adria’s story! Adria’s a Grimm who was passed over in the curse department. Which sounds great because now she doesn’t have to to all wolfy when the moon is full, right? Yeaaaaaah. Well, it’s not great. Mostly because she’s been told the only reason she hasn’t been hit by the curse is because she stays out of the forest. She’s as trapped as Zel was, just her prison is the mountain she grew up on.

Micah gets…let’s say tossed. He gets tossed into her path and suddenly Adria’s world gets a whole lot bigger. A little adventure, a little romance, a little curse breaking.

Because, you know, just because the wolf curse passed her by doesn’t mean she doesn’t have to deal with that other pesky curse. The one that’s killing Grimwood slowly.


Anywho. Adria and Micah. Adventuring on the mountain. YES!

Cursed Touch

Cursed Touch

(Grimwood #4)

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Release Date: December 27, 2016

Pages: 141

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Twisted Fairytale

Adria Grimm lives at the highest point in Grimwood. The stories of what would befall her if she ever ventured down the mountain to the forest’s edge are cautionary tales she’s always lived by. Becoming a slave to the curse that hides in her blood isn’t the fate she dreams of for herself.

When an injured man collapses on her doorstep, Adria reluctantly nurses him back to health. The man is aggravating and demanding and Adria can’t wait until he’s well enough to be on his way.

Waking with little memory of what brought him to the mountains, Micah Redfield has to piece his past together before he can complete the quest that drove him to this remote location. As it turns out, Adria has the answers he’s been looking for, but deciphering the clues she’s been left is only the beginning of their journey.

Working together, they will have to find a way to unlock the ancient magic hidden in the heart of the mountain before Grimwood itself falls.

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