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What I’m (binge) watching

Posted June 9, 2017 by Kelly Apple in Day in the Life / 0 Comments

Ahh, so, this has been a weird week. My son graduated from high school and it’s making me a wee bit nostalgic. Plus, he treated me to a movie AT THE THEATER (seriously, dragging me away from my computer long enough to watch a movie out is a BIG DEAL!) and I’ve been binge watching a bit since. (Watching movies at home is totally different from the theater, mind you. I can write while watching. Which I do. Often.)

What have I been binge-watching? you ask. GOOD QUESTION. Since the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie was the one I saw, I felt like I needed to get reacquainted with Captain Jack and the hunky Orlando Bloom. So I’ve been watching the series. A lot. I’m up to the 4th movie now, but graduation festivities have derailed me the past few days.

Thennnnn, my recently graduated kiddo recapped the newest Alien movie for me after he saw it and kinda feel like that’s going to be my next series re-watch. (Random aside, Aliens was my FAVORITE movie in high school. I was obsessed with it. So in love. Abandoned colony settlements on inhospitable planets?!?! SIGN ME UP!)

So. Binge watching. It’s what I’ve been doing. Well between writing and reading, that is.

A Day in the Life…

Posted October 28, 2016 by Kelly Apple in Day in the Life / 0 Comments
A Day in the Life…

Somehow, my family managed to adopt a wild kitten that had been living under our porch. I know, I know. “Somehow”, right? Guys, this little guy is so adorably cute. I CAN’T EVEN WITH HIM. He went from streaking in the opposite direction whenever we tried to approach to creeping closer and closer whenever we’d […]