What I’m (re)reading

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What I’m (re)reading

I’m a BIG rereader. I LOVE jumping back into series I’ve enjoyed before and getting to experience the ups and downs all over again. So what sort of books beg me to come back and dive into them again? Well, let me tell you… I finished a reread of Stacy Gail‘s House of Payne series […]

Looking back on March

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Looking back on March

Whew! Another month has come and gone. Let’s see what got accomplished in the world of Kelly Apple. As February wound down, I was all set to devote March to writing the 6th Grimwood book. That, umm, didn’t happen. Thanks in large part to an unexpected foray into a sci-fi romance I was playing around […]

Dream is HERE!

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The 3rd installment in the Forgotten Monsters series has arrived! Come meet Cris, the Nightmare who can’t quite get a handle on his inborn power, and Garnet, the dreamer who helps him with his little problem. (And, psst, that .99 price won’t last forever. Grab it now!)

Covers, covers, and more covers part 2

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As part of my cover making extravaganza recently, I put the finishing touches on the last two covers for the Grimwood series. (and promplty realized how much I wasn’t in love with the cover for book 1. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?!?!) For the curious, the first draft of Cursed Lives (book 5) […]

Covers, covers, and more covers

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I did something this past weekend that I’ve been meaning to do for AGES. AAAAAAGGGGGES. What was it I did? I gave Operation Werewolf a face lift. YOU GUYS DON’T KNOW HOW GOOD I FEEL ABOUT THIS!!!! Seriously, when I originally starting putting together the covers for the Monstrous Matchmaker series, I liked the first […]

Follow me on BookBub!

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Follow me on BookBub!

I spent the weekend setting up my BookBub author profile and adding my books on there. Which was fun. Mostly. I mean, I have a lot of books and the adding them part got a little time consuming. But it was worth it once I got to see them all lined up in pretty little […]