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Looking back on 2016

Posted December 31, 2016 by Kelly Apple in Grimwood, Monstrous Matchmaker, Pinnacle Point, Writing / 0 Comments

What a year it’s been!

Seriously. What a year. I released 11 books and wrote a metric fuckton more. Seriously. I wrote a lot of books this year and now I have to figure out where and when those will be seeing the light of day.

But let’s talk about what’s available to y’all:

  1. Dead Sexy (Pinnacle Point #2) – January 13
  2. Future Perfect (Pinnacle Point #3) – February 10
  3. Hard Wired (Pinnacle Point #4) – March 16
  4. Operation Minotaur (Monstrous Matchmaker #5) – April 13
  5. Operation Gargoyle (Monstrous Matchmaker #6) – May 11
  6. Operation Sasquatch (Monstrous Matchmaker #7) – June 8
  7. Operation Date Night (Monstrous Matchmaker #8) – July 6
  8. Monstrous Matchmaker: The Complete Series – August 7
  9. Cursed Bones (Grimwood #3) – September 21
  10. Pinnacle Point: The Harker Collection – October 19
  11. Cursed Touch (Grimwood #4) – December 27

I’m currently working on Cursed Lives (Grimwood #5) and an as-yet-untitled short story set aboard a space ship. Because I like space ships.

Early 2017 will have the Forgotten Monsters series going live. This is a standalone a 4 book series set in the Monstrous Tales/Matchmaker world. So, monsters. Monsters getting their sexy on. BOOM.

As a reminder, the price on Cursed Touch goes up sooooon (like, tomorrow). So if you’re looking to grab it at the low, low price of ninety-nine pennies, do it now!

Here’s to hoping 2017 rocks your socks off!

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