Looking back on February…

Posted March 2, 2017 by Kelly Apple in Forgotten Monsters, Grimwood, Writing / 0 Comments

Dammit, February, why you gotta be so short? 28 days isn’t enough for me. I need more. MOAR!

Enough with the craziness, right? Let’s see what February handed us. Or me. What it handed me. Or, I guess, what I did with it. Because I did stuff. WRITING STUFF. (I’ve had a lot of coffee today. You probably can’t tell.)

So. February saw me finish¬†the first draft of Cursed Lives, the 5th Grimwood book, and start Cursed Heart, the 6th and FINAL Grimwood tale. Between those, I also finished a short story about soul collecting and got a BIG jump on the 2nd book in the sci-fi series I started back in January. For the record, once I finish the as-yet-untitled sci-fi book, I’ll jump back to Cursed Heart to get that knocked out.

I can’t seem to help myself from working on multiple projects at once.

Deep, Forgotten Monsters #2, came out at the end of the month, and Dream, Forgotten Monsters #3, is up for preorder. As per my usual MO, the preorder price is .99, so now’s the best time to put that order in for some monster lovin’.

Now it’s back to the writing cave for me. These abandoned space stations don’t write themselves, you know.

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