Still NaNo-ing strong!

Posted November 11, 2014 by Kelly Apple in Demonkind Chronicles, Monstrous Tales, Stronghold, Writing / 0 Comments

Thus far, November has been good to me. I’m closing in on the *ahem* climax of Refuge (book 3 in the Stronghold series) and I’ve been toying with revisiting Ari’s world again. This would be a spin-off from the Monstrous Tales series and it would have Ari using her monster-lovin’ radar to find HEAs for her monster-y friends. Spoiler alert: I know I’m feeling serious about a project when I start planning out covers.

If I do give in and begin writing the spin-off, I would NOT be releasing them as quickly as I released the Monstrous Tales series. Mostly because then I’d have time for nothing else. Seeing as how there are a few series-in-progress already on my plate, I don’t want to neglect those and have another LONG wait between books like I had for book 2 in The Demonkind Chronicles.

BUT… all this is just in the planning stages right now. I’m going to work on finishing Refuge first before I let myself start thinking too far ahead. I have edits on the first Grimwood book to tackle (crossing my fingers that I can get everything done for a December release!) and that’s going to take precedence over starting anything new.

So. Zombies, monsters, and curses. That’s what’s been on my mind.

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