Wicked Pride Short – Girls’ Night

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The next set of series shorts feature the crew of the Wicked Pride series. Cami and Luna are up first. Enjoy!


Girls' Night - A Wicked Pride Series ShortGirls’ Night
Wicked Pride
Cami and Luna

“OHMYGOD, Cami, stop smirking already.”

For all she tried to rein it in, Cami’s smirk intensified at Luna’s melodramatic wail.

“Not all of us are lucky enough to be banging the hottest piece of wolf-flesh who ever walked the earth. Have mercy on my poor, neglected lady garden, will you!”

Cami didn’t even try to keep her laughter in when Luna said that. Her poor, neglected lady garden, Cami’s foot. Luna had a collection of self-pleasuring devices that would make most cats blush. Seeing as how cats were notoriously un-prudish, that was saying a lot.

When she could find the breath to speak again, Cami rolled over and pulled up the website for their favorite take out place on her phone. “I’m thinking we need a girls’ night.”

“God, yes.”

“We can tell the boys to stay away and gorge ourselves on wontons and ice cream.”

“Fantastic.” Luna flopped down beside her on the bed and looked at the menu over her shoulder. “I want hot and sour soup. And eggrolls. And chow mein.”

“Do we have ice cream or do we need to make a run to the store?”

“We have half a carton of mint chocolate chip and half a carton of something with caramel in it.”

They looked at one another. “Run to the store,” they said in unison.

Luna laughed and bounced up. “Awesome. Let me brush my hair and put on some pants that don’t have brain matter on them while you call in our order.”

Making a face at the reminder of their day job, Cami scrolled through the rest of the menu offerings before deciding on sweet and sour pork, orange chicken, and broccoli beef. After a brief moment of contemplation, she substituted Szechuan beef for the sweet and sour pork on her mental list. The sweet and sour sauce was a little too close to jellied brain goo for her to be comfortable eating it after they day they had.

Biological cleanup was a rough job and she didn’t want to have any flashbacks to what they’d been scraping off the walls while eating.

By the time she’d called in the order, Luna had changed and was bouncing on the balls of her feet by the front door. “C’mon, chica! I’ll drive. I want decadent frozen goodness and enough Chinese food to choke a man.”

Both were doable.

As they got into Luna’s car, Cami fired off a quick text to Bran to let him know she was staying in with her best friend for the night. Her sexy werewolf got growly when he was left out of the loop.

That’s what you got for hooking up with an Alpha, though. They felt responsible for everyone and weren’t afraid to tell them.

A text chime just moments later had her looking down at her phone and snorting out a laugh.

Sexy slumber party?

What a dork. Bran spent almost as much time at her place as he did at the new pack house he had bought for his wolves. He damn well knew there were no sexy slumber parties going on.

Ooh, yeah, she texted. Luna’s got her see-thru lingerie on already.

Lie. Luna was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, her hair in a sloppy ponytail. Even then, the crazy bitch looked good.

What are you wearing, pretty kitty? Came Bran’s next text.

Another snorting laugh. Sweat pants and a shirt so faded she almost couldn’t see the logo on it.

Thigh high stockings and my sexy nurse outfit.

Luna looked over at her when she laughed again. “Seriously? I thought this was a no dudes night.”

“I’m not inviting him over,” she said with a grin.

Now Luna was the one to snort out a laugh. “Right. You’re just torturing him with lies about what we’re doing, aren’t you?”

Her best friend knew her so well.

They both laughed all the way to the grocery store where they bought half a dozen flavors of ice cream before heading over to their favorite Chinese restaurant to pick up their order.

And if Cami left her man hanging just to make sure he snuck over later that night to check on them, no one was surprised. Least of all Luna.

The End

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