Looking back on January…

Posted February 1, 2017 by Kelly Apple in Forgotten Monsters, Grimwood, Writing / 0 Comments

Yoooouuuuu guys. Where did January go? It felt both RIDICULOUSLY unending and like it blew by in the blink of an eye. As my little niece would say “NO LIKE!”

Whatever, right? We made it through another month. More words. Another series started. It’s all good.

Anyway. January saw the release of the first Forgotten Monsters book. Wisp begins a new series revolving around those monsters that I didn’t get to explore in the Monstrous series. No, Ari and her green hunk of burning love aren’t in this series, but there are a few new faces you might like. Book 2, Deep, is already up for preorder. So, you know, if you like Will, snap up Mikka.

January saw me working on Cursed Lives, the 5th Grimwood book, and a little story about an AI who falls in love with a human. There’s the whole end of civilization thing going on. There might be a spaceship. And shenanigans. IT WAS GREAT! Well, at least I think so, but I’m so in love with sci-fi romance it’s ridiculous.

I hope to complete Cursed Lives in February (and I will…if I don’t get distracted by forbidden love on space ships) so I can let it marinate for a while before hitting the edits on it. Totally doable. I can feel it.

Now, back to the writing cave!

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