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Posted September 2, 2014 by Kelly Apple in Demonkind Collective, Grimwood, Stronghold, Writing / 0 Comments

I’ve had a couple questions pop up recently about what’s coming up release-wise. I thought I’d lay it all out again so it’s nice and tidy and easy to find.

The second book in the Demonkind Chronicles (Yes, it used to be the Demonkind Collective. It’s getting a slight name change.) will be the next book to hit the streets. I’m not quite where I want to be on edits, so it’ll be another week or so, but you will see Demon Besieged soon.

The first book in the Grimwood series will be the book after that. This is my dark fairy tale retelling. Book 1 ATE MY BRAIN when I sat down to write it and it fell almost fully formed from my head. It’s always awesome when that happens.

The second book in the Stronghold series will follow G1. Haven is written and has been put aside to percolate before I tackle edits on it.

I have a teaser of a story I wrote because I couldn’t get a scene out of my head, but I have NO CLUE when (or if) that’s going to see the light of day. This little beauty feels like the beginning of a new series and seeing how I’ll have three unfinished series soon, I’m thinking about shelving it until I have¬† more time to devote to it.

So, there you have it. Demons, Curses, and Zombies. OH MY!

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