Monstrous Breakdown – The Evolution of a Nymph

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Hey, there! Happy Friday the 13th, my monstrous friends!

Jason sends his regards.

Jason sends his regards

HAHAHA. Okay, I’m sorry. I’ve had a lot of coffee today and EVERYTHING SEEMS HILARIOUS TO ME. Especially horror-tastic pop culture references. (Seriously. Someone stop me before I start dropping Scream references every other sentence.)

Scream this!

Right. Moving on.

Since it’s Friday the 13th and I’m deeeeep into writing Monstrous Revelations (so deep. So very, very deep.), I got to thinking about monsters and Ari and the evolution of her story. Things have changed for the monster-loving lady and her cadre of supernatural friends. She’s *gasp* grown up some since her introduction in The Wicked Woods.

Don’t get me wrong, Ari’s still a horn-dog who likes to get busy in unconventional places, but she’s…matured slightly. You know, emotionally. Sort of.

Let me explain.

Monstrous Tales

Yeah. Ari’s introduction is fast and furious. She’s a young woman who has good friends and a close family and yet she feels like she’s a little different because, you know, she likes monsters.

She like-likes them, if you know what I mean.

For Ari, Monstrous Tales was that stage in life where you know you should be figuring things out (because everyone else is, right?), but life is big and shiny and who needs a plan? It wasn’t until the naga gave her some insights into a potential future that Ari found direction. Suddenly, there was more to worry about than just her. She had her honey’s future at stake and she found out she wasn’t willing to stand idly by and let bad things happen.

She also came to understand the beauty of the tentacles.

Love the tentacles. LOVE THEM!

Tentacles make the world a happier place, friends. Or at least they make Ari’s happy place happier.


Monstrous Matchmaker

After saving her beloved, Ari decided to try her hand at matching up her monstrous friends with other monsters. And sometimes humans. But mostly monsters.

She had a dream. She had a gift. She…mostly got it right. Sometimes she even claimed matches that didn’t require any direct input from her. But that’s Ari for you.

Although it followed hot on the heels of Monstrous Tales chronologically, Monstrous Matchmaker had Ari taking some big steps forward pretty quickly. This was her figuring out she was more than just a flirt with a bunch of supernatural friends. She had a GIFT, dammit, and she was going to use it.

You know, maybe it wasn’t the career her parents thought she’d have, but it was something she was good at. Something she was passionate about. Monstrous Matchmaker was where Ari learned to follow her gut and her heart and to trust she had a solid group of friends at her back.

Derek should do more shirtless pull ups. Seriously.

Whoops! Where did that gif come from? Whatever. I’ll never turn down an opportunity to look at a shirtless Derek Hale.

Monstrous Revelations

The third (and final??? AHHHHH!) book in the Monstrous cycle deals with the big moments in life. The ones you know are coming and try to brace for.

Guess what? You can’t plan for everything.

That’s something Ari’s going to find out. Revelations is all about standing strong in the face of adversity. Together. Yeah, friends and family play a big role in this one. Ari’s cobbled together a group of mismatched supernaturals and she’s going to have to find a way to keep them all safe.

It’s not all sweetness and sunshine, though. Ari deals with doubt and she wonders if she can do the things she set out to do on more than one occasion.

OH, HEY! Just like PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE deals with in life.

That’s right, guys. Ari’s growing up. She’s no longer the slightly insane college co-ed who was perpetually horny and didn’t know why. Now she’s a business owner and the mate to a monster who loves her to distraction. She has friends who depend on her and an entire world full of supernaturals who might fall if she makes the wrong choice.

Never fear, however! Ari’s also still the type who drags her honey into an empty room in the middle of the day to have her wicked way with him.

Because that’s what nymphs do.

Ari would approve

I don’t know what’s going on in that gif, but it works.

Anyway. Be like Ari! SPREAD LOVE!

Are you ready for the revelation?

Monstrous Connections, Monstrous Revelations #1, will be hitting ereaders in July. That’s THIS MONTH!

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