Endings, beginnings, and other oddities

Posted February 15, 2017 by Kelly Apple in Grimwood, Writing / 0 Comments

I finished the first draft of the 5th book in the Grimwood series this past weekend. Now it’s been put aside for a few weeks so I can look at it with fresh eyes to see if everything makes sense and all that fun stuff.

Now, NORMALLY, I would dive into a different project altogether after finishing a longer book. Something quick and dirty to clear my mind and give me a little break before I head into the next chapter of the overall arc of a longer series.

That DID NOT happen this time around. I finished Cursed Lives and started Cursed Heart the following day. Saying this is out of the ordinary can’t be stressed enough. Guys, I usually have to work myself up to writing the final book in a series. For real. Like, I have to psych myself up and remind myself that just because this series is ending it doesn’t mean I an never revisit it again.

But Cursed Heart called to me too loudly for me to ignore it.

So I’m writing. And I’m reminding myself that you have to take a first step in order to start on a journey. (That’s actually something our heroine is going to have to be pushed into, too, come to think of it.) I’m also reminding myself that endings aren’t always endings. Sometimes they’re the start to the next step of an even longer journey.

I guess in some ways, I still am psyching myself up to write this book. No matter, it’s being written. And that’s what counts.

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