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Happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers! While I’m off enjoying turkey and adult libations, you all get a new slice of life story.

This time, we’re visiting the Stronghold series. I like to refer to these books as my zombie apocalypse love story. And, yes, the final book will eventually make it out into the world. It just needs woooorrrrrk. Lots of work. What can I say, guys? Last books are hard for me to write. Saying goodbye isn’t easy and I want to do it right.

Anywho. I’m taking some liberties with the time frame for this story because I’m pretty sure the group won’t have an opportunity to even THINK about Thanksgiving the first year they’re on the run. Just… go with it. Please. Because I really want to write this. 🙂

lettinggoTime was a fluid beast when you didn’t have any social expectations to use as an anchor point. No work, no paydays, no holiday traffic to fight on the long weekends.

Drew had lost track of days somewhere along the way and he wasn’t sure how much time had passed since the first wave of attacks that had decimated their city. Weeks, certainly. Months? Maybe. It was hard to tell when the fight to survive took precedence.

Still, he thought it was getting close to the end of November, which had always reminded him of family and good times.

The good times would be few and far between this year and family…well, he couldn’t linger too long on them or he’d break down and lose it.

He needed something to focus on. Something that would bring a smile to Liss’s face. Something that might be the start of a new tradition.

Letting go was tough, but hanging onto the past was even tougher when everything you knew was ripped away from you.

He doubted he could get his hands on a turkey, but he’d make sure there was plenty to eat all the same. This would be his gift to Liss and the others. One day, one meal without worry.

Maybe next year they’d be in a better place. Maybe they’d have found family. Maybe not.

The point was that sometimes you had to let go to move forward and Drew needed to start that forward momentum before he drowned in the what ifs of the past.

Taking a deep breath, he turned his focus to figuring out how to make his vision a reality.

Aww, *sniffle*

Surviving a zombie apocalypse is kinda crappy, isn’t it? Good thing I have the power to hand out HEAs to my poor characters.

Have a great day and stay thankful.

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