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I have some THINGS to share. Weird little things that I find interesting and have been meaning to mention, but haven’t. So here I am. Finally sharing.

Thing 1: If you like Day-in-the-Life style snippets featuring characters from older books, make sure you’ve signed up for my newsletter. I have a TON of off the cuff scenes and stories I’ve written over the years that I’m going to push out to newsletter subscribers once I get them polished up a bit. A TON, guys. So many.

Thing 2: If you’ve read one of my books, please consider leaving a review. Not only does it give an author (me!) a boost, it also helps other readers discover books and series. Reviews can have such a tremendous impact and I’m grateful for every one. (Even the not-so-great ones. Really.)

If you’re hesitating because you think you don’t have time to write out something deep and profound or you just don’t know what to write, short and sweet is just as valid as more in-depth. Seriously. You can just say you enjoyed the characters and liked their interactions or you thought the sexy times were so smokin’ you had to take a five-minute breather after reading.

I’m pretty sure the way to an author’s heart is through reviews. Or maybe that’s just me.

Thing 3: Do you remember what I said above about all those scenes and short stories I’ve accumulated over the years? Well, September’s release is going to be a box set of the Anderson High Wolves series WITH BONUS SHORT STORIES. I’m working on the cover now and then I just need to format the whole shebang and do the administrative stuff to get it out there. I’m aiming for this weekend for the release, but nothing’s official yet. I just like to have goals for myself.

So. Newsletter, short stories, reviews, upcoming release. That about covers things. You know, unless I remember something two seconds after I post this. Which happens. Welcome to a writer’s brain! It’s messy in here.

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