Prepare Thyself for the Epic Conclusion!

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Hello, my friends!

In honor of October (which is one of my favorite months since it has both my birthday – Happy Birthday, Me! – and Halloween!) AND that the final installment of Heart of Stone will be coming out soooooooon, I’ve put parts 1-7 on sale for .99 each.


(Look! There’s a graphic for it and everything!)

This is the perfect time to catch up (or start it, if you haven’t already) since I’m eyeballing early November (OMG! NEXT WEEK!) for the release of part 8.


Heart of Stone tackles some of my favorite themes (found family, unconditional love, putting the past behind you) while letting one grumpy gargoyle and his human mate spend quality time together on a road trip. There also might be gods and various other monsters wandering across their path.

(Not going to lie, I do love my gods and monsters. They have a tendency to liven up the joint.)

As with all the Monstrous books, Heart of Stone is available to read free in Kindle Unlimited.

(And, psst, I’m working on book 2 of the Monstrous World series over November, so you’ll be seeing more of these crazy monsters in the future!)

Anywho. Handy links:

Rock Hard –
Grit and Bear It –
Rock and Road –
Stone’s End –
Gravel Bound –
Best Laid Stones –
A Stone’s Throw Away –

And don’t forget to mark your calendars because A Rock and a Hard Place is COMING SOON!

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