The next book in the Wicked Pride series is LIVE!

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Anybody in the mood for a snarly, growling (sometimes bitey) romance?

GOOD! Because it’s that time again! NEW BOOK! YAY!

This time around, we have Sam and Luna’s story. Sam is the pride’s second in command and he had a few unexpected revelations thrown at him at the end of book 1. Namely, that his mother isn’t the sweet, gentle lioness he’d assumed her to be. To say he’s already reeling from that would be an understatement. Throw in a pack of wolves who’ve moved into pride territory and the poor guy is worn thin.

Then his special someone–who doesn’t know she’s his special someone–goes on the prowl looking for a mate. And Sam FINALLY grows a mane and does what any besotted lion would do. He shows her how he really feels. By, you know, talking to her. Or attempting to, at least.

Sam and Luna, my friends. They have some issues to work out.

Dangerous Curves

Dangerous Curves

(Wicked Pride #2)

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Release Date: June 21, 2017

Pages: 112

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Samuel Delaney’s had a rough couple of months. Not only did he find out his mom works for the government in a job she stubbornly refuses to speak about, now he’s helping his alpha deal with a sudden influx of wolves after their alpha mated with one of the cats from his pride.

Most importantly, the leopardess he’s been half in love with his entire adult life is actively looking for a mate.

And Sam isn’t even a footnote on her list of potentials.

Convincing the lovely Luna North to give him a chance would be a hell of a lot easier if he didn’t get tongue tied whenever she was around. He’ll have to rely on his cat’s instinctive ability to land on its feet if he hopes to make any headway with the stubborn beauty.

Because when a lion chooses his mate, he doesn’t back down.


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Up next…

Kane’s story is next on the docket and he has his own set of problems to deal with. White Collared has a planned July release date and I’ll be working on edits shortly.

In the meantime, enjoy Sam and Luna’s snarly romance!

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