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I wasn’t going to start a new series. Did you hear that? I WASN’T GOING TO START A NEW SERIES. Even if I started one, I wasn’t going to publish anything in it until I’d written a couple books.

Guys, I started a new series and book 1 is now available even though I haven’t written book 2 yet.

I have zero explanations for how this happened. Let’s just move on, okay?

The good news is, you can grab Possessed for under a buck. UNDER A BUCK. You’ll get to meet Char and her haunted house and see why she refuses to give it up.

By the by, if I wasn’t in the middle of writing a weird zombie apocalypse love story set on an abandoned cruise ship, I’d totally be writing book 2 right now. Maybe. Anyway. I have it on my list for my November NaNoWriMo writing (*cough* I’m adding it to my list, but let’s not quibble, shall we?) and I’m hoping to zip through it along with the twenty other books I want to write.

Because life isn’t fun if you’re not juggling half a dozen story ideas!

Anyway. Possessed is here. Enjoy!



(When Worlds Collide #1)

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Release Date: October 26, 2017

Pages: 59

Genre: Paranormal Romance

When she bought her new house, Char James didn't plan to also take on a ghost. It’s rude, creepy, and a downright terrible roommate. Despite that, she’s determined to show it they can live in harmony. Hopefully.

But Char's entire perspective changes when a surprise encounter rocks her world. She learns that sometimes pranks can be helpful, sometimes a ghost isn’t really a ghost...

And sometimes the scariest creature of all is the most protective.

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