Looking Back on September

Posted October 1, 2019 by Kelly Apple in Heart of Stone, Monstrous World / 0 Comments

Looking Back on September

September was a GOOD month!

Yep, it saw the release of TWO books AND I started writing the next book in the Monstrous World series.

Rock Hard (Heart of Stone #1) came out September 2.

Grit and Bear It (Heart of Stone #2) came out September 21.

In case you missed it, Heart of Stone is the first book in the Monstrous World series. Wild at Heart will be book 2 and that’s being written as we speak.

My current plan is to release a HoS book every three weeks or so. Meaning part 3 will be hitting ereaders mid-October and part 4 in early November. While that is subject to change if anything unforeseen happens (like I lose track of dates or something), that’s the plan as of now.

So, yeah. September was a GOOD month. A little crazy, sure, but still good.

And since October is my birthday month, I’m expecting great things out of it, too!

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