Looking Back on March

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Looking Back on March

*eyeballs the end of the month and wonders, as usual, how it got here so quickly*

Man, these months just fly by, don’t they?

(Is there an echo in here??)

Things of note that happened in March…Err, I don’t think much DID happen in March. I wrote. I watched a lot of movies. I wrote a little more.

That said, April is a Camp NaNo month and I’m all set to tackle writing Monstrous Revelations. Hopefully. I mean, I PLAN on writing it, but sometimes my muse smacks me upside the head and demands something other than what I’m planning. Since I don’t have a lot of self control when it comes to listening to my muse, only time will tell what actually happens.

That said, I really do plan on getting Monstrous Revelations written in April. And mayyyybe updating the series page so you have an idea of what’s coming. (Good gravy, I should really do that!!!)

As a reminder, Series Shorts continue to go up every Tuesday and I still have the final book in the Grimwood series on tap for an April release. Which means you have THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO!

Until next month!

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