July’s a Camp NaNo month!

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July 2017 Camp NaNo Participant

Alright, suckers. It’s time for another ride down Camp NaNo lane. Or something.

I’m not going to pull any punches here, I pretty much LOVE NaNo months. I INVARIABLY get more writing accomplished in those months than I do in non-NaNo months. Like, double the amount more.

Which is fantastic when I’m looking to finish a few books. Heck, OR when I’m looking to start a new series.

(Both are things I have planned for July, justsoyouknow.)

For me, sharing my goals keeps me on the path to actually completing them, so I’m going to spill what I’ll be working on…

First up, I teased a quote from my current WIP on social media yesterday. This as-yet untitled project is book two in a series I’m calling “North American Shifter Collective” until I can come up with a better name. I have every intention of finishing NASC2 in July. EVERY.INTENTION.

You want to see the teaser? OKAY!

NASC2 Teaser

HEH. Shifters, man. They make me grin.

Because I like to plan ahead, I’m also going  to start working on the 3rd (and final?) installment of the Monstrous cycle. If, you know, I finish NASC2 in a timely manner. That series is tentatively titled Monstrous Revelations and it’s heading back to the world of Ari and her monstrous friends.

Not to give anything away, but there might be some revelations in it.

Just saying.

Depending of how far I get with writing that, Ari and her monsters might put in an appearance at the end of the year. Don’t hold your breath, though. I want to have all the pieces in place before that series comes out. (In other words, if I get inspired and write up a storm, it’ll happen. Otherwise, it’ll be here in 2018.)

So. If you want to follow along and see how much writing I get done daily, you can find me under Kelly Apple.

Now I’m off to plot. Diabolically.

*steeples fingers and lets out a sinister laugh*

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