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Next Stop... Randomville

We’re a third of the way through November and I can say, definitively, that writing’s going well for me. Which is FANTASTIC. It would be nice if I was writing what I thought I’d be writing, but my weird zombie apocalypse love story set on a deserted cruise ship is fun so I can’t complain.

That said, I feel like I should confess I have a deep weakness for zombie stories. Actually, it’s not zombies so much as the post-apocalyptic leanings of our world after something terrible has happened. I like adding zombies to it because they give a dangerous little zing to anything you do in those post-apocalyptic wastelands.

Dead things trying to kill you can turn even a walk down the street into a harrowing fight for your life. Yesssss.

Night of the Comet - The most magnificent zombie movie ever made!I wasn’t born loving zombies and broken societies, however. I think all that stems from a little gem of a movie called Night of the Comet. The first time I saw it was in… (hold on, I’m thinking)…junior high (maybe!) at a sleep over and HOLY WOW IT WAS FUN.


Zombies! Spunky heroines! End of the world shenanigans!

It was campy and it had plot holes big enough to drive a delivery van through, but I loved it. I hunted down a copy of that thing years later and I pull it out whenever I need an end of the world pick-me-up.

If you ever wonder why I head into zombie apocalypse romance territory every so often (and I guess I should mention I have QUITE A FEW unpublished zombie apocalypse romances sitting on my hard drive), blame that movie. It wired my brain to love feisty heroines battling the dead (and the corrupt living!) while trying to figure out how they’re going to survive once it’s all done.

I’m a sucker for camp and destruction and I won’t apologize for it.

On that note, it’s time to dive back into this abandoned cruise ship and the dangers it’s hiding!

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