Heart of Stone 6 is LIVE!

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(No lie, my friends. The relief I feel at getting the next Heart of Stone installment out in the time frame I had planned is AMAZING. My goal was to have it up by the 15th and IT IS UP BY THE 15th! I’m feeling all-powerful right now. ALL-POWERFUL!)

So. The next part of Vane and Cin’s road trip adventure is here. A little scenic drive. A little monstrous abduction. Some sexy times in the wild.

You know, the usual.


As with all the Heart of Stone installments, Best Laid Stones is available to read free with Kindle Unlimited. (And in case you missed it, ALL the related Monstrous books are in KU, so have at it!)

Now I must work on edits and the cover of HoS7 to continue my all-powerful productive streak! WISH ME MONSTERS!

Best Laid Stones

Best Laid Stones

(Heart of Stone #6)


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Release Date: September 14, 2020

Pages: 52

Genre: Monster Erotica, Paranormal Romance

Heading into the wilds of Vane’s childhood home sounds all fine and dandy, but Cin has a few reservations. Not about Vane’s plan to visit his old nest, but about Cin being able to properly navigate her way there while her mate and new gargoyle brother are in their daylight sleep.

But things happen for a reason and an unexpected roadside visitor changes everything for Vane and Cin.

Gods speak, curses might be broken, and a world of untapped potential is at their fingertips.

Change is coming and Vane and Cin are on the edge of the wave bringing it in.

Warning: This book contains a berserker-crazed gargoyle who REALLY wants to show his lady what he’s made of. If the forest is rockin’, don’t come knockin’!

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