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Ari’s time with her human BFF in the mountains continues with The Wicked Naga. And, no lie, I’m going to have to read ALL of Monstrous Tales after this because I honestly don’t remember which of the other books Cin’s in.

But that’s a problem for next week, amirite?!?!

Anywho. Ari’s still hanging out at the cabin with Cin and the other ladies. Cin’s getting her sexy on with her girl-crush, Liz, and Ari kinda has to entertain herself.

Which, as you know, leads to one-on-one time with the hunky, dual-peened naga.


The Wicked Naga

The Wicked Naga

(Monstrous Tales #5)


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Release Date: March 15, 2014

Pages: 50

Genre: Monster Erotica

Ari’s weekend at the cabin has turned out to be eye-opening—she’s been propositioned by a frenemy and spent a scorching night in the lake with a merman. But the weekend’s not over yet and it’s just her luck there’s a snake-man in these mountains who’s looking for a sweet, young thing to spend some time with.

Ari’s adventurous and the naga is upfront about what he wants. But can she trust a half-man, half-snake who looks at her like she’s dinner?

This wicked naga might be deadly, but he also has a softer side. Ari just has to uncover it.

Warning: This book contains a monster with non-standard parts and a girl who has enough determination to see things through. It’s two for the price of one on the mountain and Ari couldn’t be more excited.

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