Covers, covers, and more covers part 2

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As part of my cover making extravaganza recently, I put the finishing touches on the last two covers for the Grimwood series. (and promplty realized how much I wasn’t in love with the cover for book 1. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?!?!)

For the curious, the first draft of Cursed Lives (book 5) is completed and hanging out to aerate. Or something. Once I have a little time to let it breathe, I’ll go back for a reread and see what needs to be tweaked, added, deleted, etc. I started writing Cursed Heart (book 6), but had to put that on hold for a bit to take care of a certain mutant space rat problem. (That probably makes no sense to anyone but me and my writing group ladies, but there’s a sci-fi story that got stuck in my head. With mutant space rats. There. Now we ALL know about it.)

I’m aiming for a mid-year release on books 5 & 6 (either July and August or August and September–although that’s subject to change based on how quickly I get Cursed Heart written) and decided now would be an EXCELLENT time to share the final two covers and blurbs.


Cursed Lives

Cursed Lives

(Grimwood #5)

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Release Date: February 3, 2018

Pages: 192

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Twisted Fairytale

Growing up wild in Grimwood, Gretchen Malloy knows her corner of the woods like the back of her hand. Stumbling over a previously undiscovered cabin to explore is the highlight of her lazy summer days.

Only, the cabin she found isn’t empty and the brooding, angry man who chases her away is almost too much excitement for her tastes. For all she might not be wanted, Gretchen’s terminal curiosity sends her back again and again until an unexpected friendship blossoms.

Fen Grimm knows exactly what he is—the crusty old loner who’s given up on the world outside his cabin and who wants nothing to do with Grimwood or any of its many inhabitants. He’s already loved and lost enough and he has no need to watch another mortal age and die before his eyes.

If only Grimwood didn’t need him, he’d be content to live out the rest of his long days alone. But when the magic in the wood calls, a Grimm must answer.

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Cursed Heart

Cursed Heart

(Grimwood #6)

Release Date: 2018

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Twisted Fairytale

Lorianne Grimm is a woman broken. Her children lost through thievery and curses, she retreated to the woods to grieve. Finally coming to terms with her loss, she emerged and was dealt one last blow… her husband had disappeared and she, herself, had been cursed to remain eternally young.

Unable to face her pain, Lorianne once again fled into the heart of the woods and tried for five hundred years to forget.

But lately there have been whispers on the wind that speak of great change within Grimwood. Magic is coming back to life and for it to properly take root Lorianne will have to take her place in the tale.

Hidden deep in Grimwood is a castle. The stories say only those with the purest heart will be able to find it and navigate the treacherous path inside. With all the hatred churning within her for what was done to her family, Lorianne hardly considers herself pure. But the whispers tell of one last thing, a Grimm who was cursed into an enchanted sleep nearly five hundred years ago after losing his family. A Grimm who only waits for his lady love to awaken him.

For the chance to be with her husband again, Lorianne will follow her heart and risk everything. Including her life.

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And, yes, I am working on updating the Cursed Blood cover now. Because it needs it.

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