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I was having a thought the other day. Weird, huh? Anyway. I was thinking about how I price books and how–IN MY HEAD–it all makes sense, but maybe I should explain things instead of just assuming everybody can read my mind.

So. Pricing.

The BEST time to buy a book is when it’s freshly released. That’s because I price most of them (especially the serials) at .99 for the first little bit. Then they pop up to $1.99 (or higher in the case of the non-serials) and that is (clearly) more than .99.

However, if you’re one who prefers waiting for an entire series to be completed before reading, the bundles/complete series collections are priced pretty reasonably, too. Which isn’t to say I release them at .99, but that they’ll cost you less than buying the books individually at the higher price.

Which brings me around to the next matter of business: Kindle Unlimited. I’m a pretty big Kindle Unlimited user personally and I’m sort of partial to the fact that Amazon lets me sell my books through them since ALL the monster erotica books have been rejected at other retailers. Which means (in short) they’re saying they have questionable content (they don’t! Just tentacles. SO MANY TENTACLES!) and those other retailers won’t carry them in their store.

Well, pooh on them, I say!

Anywho. Series in Kindle Unlimited:

You can read all the books in these series FOR FREE with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. ISN’T THAT MAGNIFICENT? I think so.

That’s it. That’s my pricing structure. Nothing fancy, but the BEST way to stay informed about new release so you can grab them at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES is by joining my newsletter. Just sayin’.

Sometimes I even send weird, not-connected-to-anything shorts for your reading pleasure.

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