What I’m Watching

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What I'm Watching

I have watched MANY THINGS since the last time I had one of these posts. MANY THINGS!

Resident Evil The Final ChapterResident Evil: The Final Chapter – I do like my Resident Evil movies and I was pretty darn pleased with how the series ended. Watching this *kinda* made me want to go back and pull a rewatch from the beginning.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets – I really don’t know what to say about this one. I mean, it was pretty to look at, but the acting was kinda meh and I feel like they sacrificed the story for the visuals. Which blows because I looooooved The Fifth Element and this one didn’t hold a candle to the story (although, like I said, the visuals were pretty cool).

Prometheus – I SWORE I had watched this movie at some point. SWORE. You know what, I don’t think I watched more than fifteen minutes of it and WHAT WAS GOING ON IN MY HEAD TO MAKE ME THINK I HAD WATCHED THE WHOLE THING? Anywho. I really liked this one. Because Aliens.

Alien Covenant – I didn’t like this one quite as much as Prometheus, but I liked it. I’m kinda sad it looks like the third movie isn’t going to be made (although, to be fair, with the way Hollywood works, that could change on a dime), but I’ll get over it.

WestWorld Season 1Ready Player One – Okay, I liked this movie. I haven’t read the book and from what I’m understanding people who read it didn’t like how much the movie deviated from the book, but I LIKED IT.

Westworld Season 1 – OMG! THIS SERIES! HONESTLY! IT KILLED ME! Okay, maybe it didn’t kill me, but it was REALLY good. CRAZY good. INSANELY GOOD. I’m drooling on myself a little for season 2. EEEEEE! I still have questions. So many questions. I’m expecting answers once the next season starts in a week-ish. For the record, while I’m expecting answers, I don’t necessarily think I’m going to get them. At least not until a long, drawn-out battle where I second guess everything I think is happening.

OH, and 11.22.63 update (since I hadn’t finished it for the last post) – I didn’t hate the ending. It was a little bleak, but I like bleak so it worked for me.

There you have it. I’ve crossed a few more movies off my to-watch list and that pleases me.

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  1. you HAAAAVE to see it!! what about this show game of….thrones? heard about that one? i have no time for it, my stromboli is ready.

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