What I’m Watching (or What I’ve Finished Watching)

Posted March 9, 2018 by Kelly Apple in What I'm Watching / 0 Comments

What I'm Watching

A couple weeks ago, I fangirled over the 12 Monkeys rewatch I was diving into. Well, I’ve finished all the available episodes (season 3 isn’t available for streaming yet and I NEEEEEED it!!) and…the level of WTF-ery in that show makes me ridiculously happy. Flipping back and forth through time makes for some insane storytelling.

The downside to catching up on a favorite show is that now that it’s over I don’t know what to watch next. I’m half-heartedly rewatching Supernatural (I like background noise when I write and Sam and Dean give good background) and that’s fun and all, but I need a new show. Something fun. Something that makes me think.

OH WAIT. I can always watch the oodles of movies I seem to collect and never watch. RIGHT. I should do that. Or I could rewatch the entire Marvel Universe (Black Panther gave me a massive case of the feels and now I want more superhero ass-kicking!).

Huh. I guess I need to just gird my loins and pick something.

Don’t worry. I’m on it.

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