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Posted September 15, 2017 by Kelly Apple in Reading / 0 Comments

I meant to do this post LAST week, but I got distracted. By a full series reread of J.C. Daniels’ Colbana Files series. (Which I CONSTANTLY refer to as the Kit Colbana series when telling people about it. Oops.)

So…what am I reading? A lot of urban fantasy. Starting with the aforementioned Colbana Files series, which ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF. I was lucky enough to get an arc of the 6th book (SO GOOD) and reading that one reminded me how much I enjoyed the series as a whole. So I went back and reread it from beginning to end. Even the soul-crushing 2nd book that broke me when I read it the first time. Yes, it’s true. Book 2 forced my cold dead heart to beat once more as I cried dramatically along with Kit and crew. (Seriously, though, there are some ROUGH things that happened in book 2, but watching everyone come back from that in the next books made it worth it. SO WORTH IT. I’m deeply invested in the series and characters after living through their pain like that.)

I’ve also been dipping into my beloved sci-fi romance. As one does. Namely the Intergalactic Dating Agency series. I picked up the Loving the Alien anthology and got a giggle out of aliens and humans stumbling their way through romance. I just REALLY like that sexy sci-fi.

Now I’m off to squeeze in another book or two before the weekend!

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