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For all I’ve been back at work for more than a week after vacation, my head is still in SERIOUS vacation mode. Add in my day job starting up a HUGE new project and I’m just a scatterbrained mess right now.

Which is fiiiine. Great. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Seriously, though, I’m all over the place. To the point that Monstrous Momentum came out right before I went a-Disneylanding and I’ve barely mentioned it anywhere.

So here’s my reminder. Ari’s SECOND TO LAST BOOK in the Monstrous Revelations series is out. There’s just ONE MORE INSTALLMENT before the Monstrous series ends.


Yup. Our time with Ari and her gang of monstrous sweeties is coming to an end.

NEVER FEAR, HOWEVER! I foresee at least one more jaunt into the world and characters that have been floating in my head for ages. There’s a certain someone who keeps scowling at me from the shadows and I’m preeeeettttty sure he’s going to get his story told.

In the meantime…

Monstrous Momentum

Monstrous Momentum

(Monstrous Revelations #7)


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Release Date: March 10, 2019

Pages: 53

Genre: Monster Erotica, Paranormal Romance

Monsters are stronger together.

That’s what Ari’s said since she hatched her crazy scheme to introduce monsters to the world. She still believes it, too.

Even when her plan goes sideways. Even when she’s neck-deep in press conferences and damage control.

Seeing as she’s a nymph with little to no self-control, she might not be the best spokesperson for the monstrous community. Not that she’s going to pawn this particular task off on anyone else.

Because she’s a nymph with a plan and, dang it, she’s going to drag her monstrous friends into the spotlight and make them loved by all.

No matter what.

Warning: This book contains couples. And baking. And a couple of couples getting the nymphly matchmaker treatment. And underwear and serious moments and a whole bunch of monsters who just want to find a way to fit into the world.

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