Monstrous Revelations 6 Out Now!

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Monstrous Reasons (Monstrous Revelations 6) Out Now!

Would you look at that! The next installment of Ari’s story is LIVE! As with all the Monstrous books, it’s available exclusively at Amazon — for the LOW, LOW price of .99 — or you can read it free with Kindle Unlimited!

Monstrous Reasons

Monstrous Reasons

(Monstrous Revelations #6)


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Release Date: January 6, 2019

Pages: 54

Genre: Monster Erotica, Paranormal Romance

Things are on the verge of happening and Ari’s determined to see it end well for all her monstrous friends.

That means being proactive and enacting the first part of their plan to bring the monsters she loves into the light.

Will there be hurdles? Of course. The biggest of which is convincing the world the monsters who live among them aren’t as terrifying as they’ve been portrayed.

Changing the world’s perception seems huge, but Ari’s up for the job. Probably. And if she happens to find a couple or two to match up in the meantime, that’s just what matchmaking nymphs do, right?

Warning: This book contains family time. And sexy time. And adulting time. No worries, though, the nymph with a plan is entirely ready for all of it. Mostly.

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