Genre: Monster Erotica

Rock and Road

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Rock and Road

Rock and Road

(Heart of Stone #3)


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Release Date: October 26, 2019

Pages: 56

Genre: Monster Erotica, Paranormal Romance

Their road trip thus far had been rather uneventful and Cin was hoping it would stay that way. After all, looking for a lost gargoyle was more than enough adventure for one little human.

But strange things can happen while adventuring and meeting new friends is one of them.

So, as it turns out, is having your mate go all gargoyle-protective over you when he thinks you’re in danger.

Cin doesn’t mind Vane’s protective instinct, but it’s going to take a little time to adjust to their newfound friend. Which is fine. Because every mile brings them closer to her mate’s lost brother and Cin will do anything to help her gargoyle achieve his dreams.

Even make friends with a siren.

Warning: This book contains a lonely siren who just wants to reconnect with the supernatural population around her. Don’t worry, though, a true heart can’t be swayed and Vane’s heart belongs to Cin.

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