The Wicked Lovers

The Wicked Lovers

(Monstrous Tales #9)


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Release Date: July 12, 2014

Pages: 55

Genre: Monster Erotica

Ari’s chance to free her beloved is here. With her allies standing beside her, she must face down two territorial females and save her imprisoned love. All while trying to keep the human world blissfully ignorant of the monsters moving among them.

Her monstrous friends might be willing to fight on her side, but having that many alpha males in one place could be a recipe for disaster. And that’s before her mom schedules some family time, her best friend shows up heartbroken, and her mysterious bloodline tempts her to give into her urges.

What’s a girl who loves monsters to do when love and lust get tangled? Her wicked lovers are about to find out.

Warning: This book contains a girl who lacks inhibitions, one weepy best friend, a mom who sees more than she lets on, and a slew of supernatural lovers. No horizontal surface is safe during Ari’s amorous adventures.

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