The Wicked Gargoyle

The Wicked Gargoyle

(Monstrous Tales #7)


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Release Date: May 3, 2014

Pages: 45

Genre: Monster Erotica

Ari’s on a mission—find and recruit monsters to help save her beloved Guardian. The more allies she can gather, the better her beloved’s chances of survival.

When she hears of a gargoyle hiding out in the bell tower on campus, she does what any other girl who loves supernaturals would do—she seeks him out to see what it’ll take to sway him to her side.

He might be made of stone, but this wicked gargoyle knows a good deal when he hears it and he’s more than willing to help Ari out.

Provided she can help him out first.

Warning: This book contains a rock-hard monster and a girl with few inhibitions. You can take the monster out of the bell tower, but just try to get him out of the girl!

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