Operation Gargoyle

Operation Gargoyle

(Monstrous Matchmaker #6)


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Release Date: May 11, 2016

Pages: 40

Genre: Monster Erotica

With several successful matches under her, Ari Colton once again turns her love-struck eyes toward her supernatural friends. Because if she’s managed to find happiness, dammit, they’re going to find it, too!

Vane, the gargoyle who stands guard over her city, is the next victim she has in her sights.

Given how hunky her stone friend is, this should be easy, right?

As it turns out, Vane might have someone in mind already for a supernatural hookup. Convincing Ari his plan is a good one is the only roadbump to the gargoyle’s happily ever after.

Or so they think.

Warning: This book contains one rock-hard supernatural who has his eye on someone Ari isn’t sure is the right match. Unmovable object, meet stubborn determination. When a man made of stone finds his lady, there’s not much a nymph can do except get out of the way.

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