The Wicked Wolf

The Wicked Wolf

(Monstrous Tales #2)


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Release Date: January 5, 2014

Pages: 45

Genre: Monster Erotica

After several months with her monstrous lover, the unthinkable has happened—Ari’s Guardian is being called upon to mate with others of his kind. Not wanting to put her in danger, her Guardian sends her away, promising they will reunite once he’s fulfilled his duty.

Now Ari has a choice—she can pine for her monster as he lies with compatible females or she can seek out other supernaturals and see if what she feels for her Guardian is true.

Is it love or only lust? There’s a wicked wolf who’s willing to help her find the truth.

Warning: This book contains lovers (metaphorically) torn apart and a girl determined to experience the supernatural. Timid creatures need not apply.

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