Operation Merman

Operation Merman

(Monstrous Matchmaker #3)


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Release Date: October 1, 2015

Pages: 40

Genre: Monster Erotica

Riding high on the thrill of hooking up two of her monstrous friends with mates, Ari Colton is setting her sights on the lonely merman in the mountain lake. The catch? He can't leave his watery home. Meaning she has to find someone who'd be willing to relocate to his oasis in the mountains for anything to come of it.

The female supernatural population isn't clamoring to sign up with her dating agency despite her successes, so Ari will have to dig deep to find a special someone who will meet all Thisseral's needs.

She's not willing to leave her finned friend without some adventurous female companionship, and she's got the connections to make this work.

She thinks.

Warning: This book contains shenanigans. Wet shenanigans. Dry shenanigans. All sorts of shenanigans. And a horny merman who likes to show his stuff. As one does.

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