Genre: Monster Erotica


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Wisp(Forgotten Monsters #1)AmazonAdd on GoodreadsRelease Date: January 25, 2017Pages: 40Genre: Monster EroticaLiving on the outskirts of society suits Will Quinn just fine. He’s one of the last of his kind and he’s grown weary of being the boogie man to the humans who dare each other to check out his presumably haunted cabin. When a […]


Pinnacle Point: The Harker Collection

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Pinnacle Point: The Harker Collection(Pinnacle Point Harker Collection #)AmazonAdd on GoodreadsRelease Date: October 19, 2016Pages: 137Genre: Futuristic Erotica, Monster EroticaThe town of Pinnacle Point is a hotspot of supernatural activity. From ghosts to zombies to time travelers, any manner of incredible creatures can be found. The Harkers are one family who fit right into the […]


Monstrous Matchmaker: The Complete Series

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Monstrous Matchmaker: The Complete Series(Monstrous Matchmaker Complete Series #)AmazonAdd on GoodreadsRelease Date: August 7, 2016Pages: 269Genre: Monster EroticaThe nymph with a plan has a gift for hooking couples up…and she’s determined to use it. Ari Colton knows monsters. She’s made friends and found both her mate and herself among them. Wanting to give back to […]


Operation Date Night

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Operation Date Night(Monstrous Matchmaker #8)AmazonAdd on GoodreadsRelease Date: July 6, 2016Genre: Monster EroticaWith her matchmaking business beginning to pick up steam, Ari Colton has less time for herself and her mate as she focuses on finding dates for her supernatural clients. Knowing his driven nymph won’t ask for help, Liam steps in to arrange a […]


Operation Sasquatch

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Operation Sasquatch(Monstrous Matchmaker #7)AmazonAdd on GoodreadsRelease Date: June 8, 2016Pages: 38Genre: Monster EroticaAri Colton is a nymph with a mission. She’s found mates for all her other supernatural friends and she’s not about to let the hunky sasquatch go through life without someone to love. The catch? The only person he’s shown any interest in […]


Operation Gargoyle

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Operation Gargoyle(Monstrous Matchmaker #6)AmazonAdd on GoodreadsRelease Date: May 11, 2016Pages: 40Genre: Monster EroticaWith several successful matches under her, Ari Colton once again turns her love-struck eyes toward her supernatural friends. Because if she’s managed to find happiness, dammit, they’re going to find it, too! Vane, the gargoyle who stands guard over her city, is the […]


Operation Minotaur

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Operation Minotaur(Monstrous Matchmaker #5)AmazonAdd on GoodreadsRelease Date: April 13, 2016Pages: 38Genre: Monster EroticaSince her other matchmaking schemes have all paid off in spades, Ari Colton is determined to find someone for her lonely minotaur friend. She has ideas—good ones—but Akakios is being stubborn and refuses to admit he’s a major catch for plenty of supernatural […]


Hard Wired

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Hard Wired(Pinnacle Point #4)AmazonAdd on GoodreadsRelease Date: March 16, 2016Pages: 42Genre: Monster EroticaEugene Turner could be the poster child for the socially awkward. In real life, his pick-up lines always fall flat and he’s more of a laughter generator than a stud. Which is why he prefers spending most of his time hooking up with […]


Operation Naga

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Operation Naga(Monstrous Matchmaker #4)AmazonAdd on GoodreadsRelease Date: December 23, 2015Pages: 46Genre: Monster EroticaAri Colton is determined to find romantic matches for all her monstrous friends. Her previous successes have set a fire under her and she’d ready to tackle her most ambitious monster yet: the prophetic naga. Sorting through her (admittedly tiny) group of lady […]


Dead Sexy

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Dead Sexy(Pinnacle Point #2)AmazonAdd on GoodreadsRelease Date: January 13, 2016Pages: 39Genre: Monster Erotica, Paranormal RomanceWhen his ghostly cousin tells him there’s an open position at the PI firm where he works, Zane Harker jumps at the chance. There aren’t many places willing to hire a zombie and being dead hasn’t stopped the bills from piling […]